Saturday, 2 November 2013

Mum and dad's wedding in 1942

We got a box of dad's memorabilia down from the loft one wet afternoon recently. They had kept all their wedding souvenirs; cards, telegrams, invitations, compliments cards.  Lovely!

My parents Lena and Cliff were married during the war. No elaborate outfits as there was rationing on clothes. The ceremony and reception took place in the Gordon Restaurant, at 19 Gordon Street, Glasgow near Central Station on 27 August 1942. My father was stationed at Fort George at the time and they had a brief honeymoon in Nairn. I expect mum returned to Glasgow alone. They lived with my grandparents until 1949.
Bridesmaid was Ethel Sievwright  and best man was David F Graham, a neighbour
I think my mother was in lilac from what I can remember her telling me.
Her bridesmaid was her cousin Ethel Sievwright so I presume that is her seated on the left. I didn't know her very well as she was living in Kent when I was growing up. The lady in the photo looks very like Ethel's sister Amelia (Millie) but I think it must be Ethel. Dad's uniform is far from smart. He should have worn his kilt!
in Lovat Scouts, taken in Inverness ca 1942


telegram from Colin Clark, mum's uncle

from mum's aunt Aggie Walker

Hymns were "O God of Bethel" and "O Perfect Love, All Human Thought Transcending"

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