Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Cumnock Connections tree

As a member of Cumnock History group, I have created an online tree, called Cumnock Connections,  where anyone with an ancestor who was in Cumnock can add their line to the tree and see how we all link up.

This is how to do it.

First you need to get a invitation by email from me, so I need your email. Email me at kaymcmeekin[at]

Follow the link in the email you get back from  tribalpages. You will need to create your own account with an email and a password.  (Remember your password!)

Once you have done that, you get a choice to create a new website or go to Cumnock Connections.

Don't start a new tree as no-one else will be able to see it. Go to Cumnock Connections tree. and click on the link.

This takes you to the home page. It has a blue background.

 Click on edit (below the ct in the word Connections) and it asks you to log in again.
Then the background turns to cream when you are in admin/editing mode.

Remember to check the person you are adding isn't already on the site.

If the person is already on the tree, you will see three icons to the left of his/her name. Click on the middle one to edit. ( a notepad and pen symbol) Add your name in the Notes - a Connects to

Click save at the bottom.

If you are adding a new line, select "add new" from the People Menu.

Select Male or Female

 Remember not to add yourself, or anyone else living. If you add someone born after 1900 and don't give a date of death, it will assume they are alive. Be sure to click the "No" button beside Alive? under the name.  Click Save at the bottom.

Please add in the Notes  "Connected to" and your name.

Census information, if you have it, should be entered in the Notes section of the head of the household

Generally it is pretty straightforward and I like the layout of the tribal pages tree.

Please check that your ancestor is not already on the tree.

If the person you are adding already has a relation on the tree e.g. a spouse, look for them where it says click here.  If unsure of anything please ask me for guidance!

There is a video tutorial here

On Facebook I have a group called Cumnock Family History to discuss the tree.

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