Monday, 27 August 2012

70 years ago today

My parents were married in Glasgow on 27 August 1942.  My father was on leave from the forces,  I think he was based at Fort George at the time.

They were married in the Ca' d'Oro in Gordon Street in Glasgow. Mum had sweet peas for a bouquet and her cousin Ethel Sievwright was the bridesmaid. I still have the daisy brooch she is wearing. I don't think this is the wedding photo - it must be in the attic. She wore a mauve two piece and he wore a smart uniform.

They had a brief honeymoon in Nairn.

They lived at my grandparents' house in Knightswood until 1949. It must have been a full house as my uncle Colin lived there too with his family; so 6 adults and 4 children in a council semi!

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