Friday, 10 August 2012

Tour of Scotland 1964

I came across my mum's journal of the 1964 tour of Scotland we did when I was 13. We went up north, as far as John O'Groats and across the north coast, down to Ullapool and then Oban. I can remember some of the dodgy bed and breakfasts particularly an ancient iron bedstead with a mattress I sank into the middle of.

 Mostly we toured about stopping to take photos and short strolls. Not so dissimilar to our current holidays apart from the length of the walks!  Mum documented every meal.  What passed for a good meal in 1964 is fascinating as in this entry from 14 August 1964.
We lunched at the Thistle Restaurant (in Oban), really very smart like Nardini's in Largs and had tomato soup (Kay had tomato juice) then Kay had a cheese omelette and Cliff and I had a tomato omelette all with chips. Kay had strawberry ice and a glass of milk and Cliff and I had apple tart and custard and coffee (£1.4.11d) 7/6 and 1/- coffee.
1965 advert

They must have liked it at the Thistle as they ate there again in the evening (cold roast beef salad) and subsequent days (haddock & chips and braised rump steak, jelly & fruit). She also mentions seeing the new Columba ferry "much bigger than the Clyde ferries" and records a visit to the tiny isle of Easdale, which David and I repeated in June. They went to see a friend of my father's who had recently bought a cottage there. He and his brother were born in Glasgow but his father had been from the island. He left  in 1904 when work at the Easdale slate quarries was petering out after about 600 years. The roofs of Glasgow University and the Royal Infirmary are of Easdale slate.  The island now (1964)  has electricity and "many mod cons". Mum reports that the children wear shorts or slacks all the time except for ceilidhs or to go to church.

A typical view stop with me off to take a photo
Somewhere near Durness. Looks chilly for August
Bad hair day!
 We had these tweed skirts run up for us somewhere en route, maybe Strathpeffer. I don't think my mother wore slacks until the late sixties or seventies.

  Mum always took her knitting!

This one is from the 1962 tour at Hopeman. I'm 11.


  1. Do you remember if you enjoyed it or 'just put up' with it?

  2. I think I enjoyed it! I don't remember much about it except the names of some nice places. I remembered Easdale which is why we went there in June.

    We used to go somewhere in Scotland every summer and I remember thinking I'll be able to drive next year which is probably why we went to Mallorca in 1968 the year I passed my test!